Example: Project Row Houses, Houston, Texas

Project Row Houses is a nonprofit arts organization, established by African-American artists and community activists to create a positive presence in Houston’s Northern Third Ward community. Artist and community activist Rick Lowe took 1 1/2 blocks of 22 abandoned shotgun houses and has turned them into artist residences, exhibition space, artist studios, and classroom space. PRH is a force of revitalization in depressen inner-city neighborhoods.

From Project Row Houses Website

From Project Row Houses Website


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  1. meredithfraz says:

    Bethesda Center’s “That’s Home”

    Here is a flashback to a project done earlier this year. Because of its innovation and creativity, it deserves recognition on this site.

    In March of 2008, homeless residents at the Bethesda Center of Winston-Salem, a local shelter, shot photographs of their makeshift dwellings. Participants snapped pictures that communicated “home” for them. The project intended to dispel negative opinions of homelessness and create a better understanding of what a homeless existence is really like.

    This black and white show titled “Home” doubly served as a fundraiser for the Bethesda Center in May of this year. Money raised helped fund the Center’s Project Homecoming, which helps clients at the shelter ease the transition from shelter life to independent living by providing them with basic necessities for their new lives.

    Here is the Winston-Salem Journal’s full story.

  2. Madry says:

    Thanks for article..

    i hope it will be usefull…

    best regards

  3. Brideau says:

    Hello just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i?ve landed on your blog in the last 2 weeks looking for totally unrelated things. Strange or what?

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